For your jewellery to always be beautiful and gleaming adding shine to your charm, you must take care of them.

Keep them separately, in the Nicofilimon boxes, so they do not scratch each other.
Before storing them, wipe them gently with a soft cloth.
Avoid to ware your jewellery during bath shower, at the pool, at the sea. The water can cause it to discolour.
Avoid the touch of your jewellery with perfumes, body lotions, body oils, etc because they can tarnish the plated items
Avoid wearing your jewelry while sleeping or at the gym, because they may get damaged.
To always be shiny we clean them with lukewarm water and mild detergent soap.

Remember, that with simple care your jewelry will always look beautiful and last a very long time... Always secure your jewelry in safes or bank safety deposit boxes in order to protect it from theft or any other malicious act.

Nicofilimon Jewelry is distinguished by its designs and in particular the quality of the jewelry. Only after several checks of quality a Nicofilimon Jewelry piece is allowed to leave the warehouse.

Gold 14Kt and 18 Kt
We use gold only in 14Kt or in 18Kt. In some rare occasions of jewelry, we may use 22Kt. The 14 Kt is harder, comparing to 18Kt which is softer. So mainly, for men’s jewelry, we use 14Kt.

Sterling Silver (925)
In the silver jewelry of the collections, we use sterling silver (925). This means 92.5% is pure silver and 7,5% consists of alloys. The lower the percentage of silver, the harder the product will be in order to prevent damage and breaking ear.

Rhodium plated

Besides the sterling silver, all jewellery is rhodium plated, which gives the silver an extra glow. In addition it provides extra protection to the jewellery and it helps to keep the silver jewellery protected from natural discoloration.

Gold Plating

Several items of Nicofilimon jewellery are yellow or rose gold plated. The (18 carat) gold layer, is as thick as 1 microns. Of course sterling silver (925 is still the base metal. The plating is applied on top of.
Diamonds are the hardest material known to man but they adore oil from our skin and beauty products, and they can become dull.
Pearls are also very sensitive to perfumes and body lotions, and they may lose their luster when exposed to lemon and vinegar.
Emeralds are sensitive due to inclusions that they contain most of the time, while the sapphires and rubies are more resistant.

Keep always in mind, that some stones are sensitive to high temperatures, and sudden temperature changes.

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