Cephalonia, 1969. Roots.

Athens, London, New York. Inspiration.

The dots connect and map a route down to the last detail. Using the inspiration of Greece, the knowledge of the world and the shimmering, precious essence of dreams as raw materials, Nicofilimon, aka Nikos Garbis, creates art objects that caress the body.

The journey of creative knowledge takes the creator on cosmopolitan paths to Europe and the United States. While there, he studies jewelry design, gemology and the art of diamonds. During this time he also trains in classical music, jazz and composition with renowned figures like Castrinos, Alechiou, Pleassas, Korkolis, Guy Michelmore and Dinu Ghezzo.

From classical music to heavy metal, and from experimental composition to jazz. Each note brings an inspiration that comes alive in a single unique jewel that bears his signature. The choreographed inspiration becomes a sketch, illuminated with watercolors, scanned into a computer, processed on CAD, turned into photorealism.

It glows with nobleness and light. Each item of the award winning collections is designed to be different. Just like a personality. When touching the body, each jewel listens to the heart that throbs, grows warm, grows cold, and reminisces, falls in love, lives. This is the priceless value of Nicofilimon jewelry.

The Gemological Institute of America awarded him for his work ‘Planet A’ while Academy-Award winner Alex Byrne assigned to him the design of jewels for the movie ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.’ His creations can be found in several foundations and private collections.

He lives and works in Cephalonia and Athens. The passion of the Ionian blue will always be home to his inspiration. That is why Nicofilimon has chosen never to abandon it. The metropolitan cities are his challenge to conquer. They are the gateways for bringing his work to the world.

His strategic decision to offer access to his exclusive jewels to all not through a physical store, but on the Internet, is yet another proof of his originality, fitting to his multifaceted and untamed artistic identity.

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