His little works of art ‘shine’ on the global stage. His participations in fine fairs are a combination of his precious compositions with sound installations. This differentiated approach has drawn admiration to his body of work.

Each time marks a new beginning. Creativity and personality become a single force that moves the hand to start designing. The design is carved in wax, cast in plaster, goes into the ovens and melts in the foundry for her sake, takes shape, is filed and polished, the precious stones are embedded - all with formidable precision!
Dozens of hours of patience and authentic art yield prized possessions that belong to all generations to come.

Join this unique journey your own way.

Choose the jewel that makes your heart beat faster at first sight on the e-boutique; or, ask Nicofilimon to design a bespoke jewel especially for you. Revisit an old, forgotten piece of jewelry and entrust its ‘transformation’ in the hands of the designer.

Watch your craziest or spectacular ideas get dressed in precious materials and crafted into a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

Your exciting journey in the world of perfection has only just begun. Welcome!

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